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Coding With Minecraft

Coding With Minecraft

Coding With Minecraft

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In Coding with MinecraftÆ, youíll create a virtual robot army with Lua, a programming language used by professional game developers. Step-by-step coding projects will show you how to write programs that automatically dig mines, collect materials, craft items, and build anything that you can imagine. Along the way, youíll explore key computer science concepts like data types, functions, variables, and more.

Learn how to:

  • Program robots that make smart decisions with flow control
  • Reuse code so that your robots can farm any crop you want, including wheat, sugar cane, and even cacti!
  • Program a factory that generates infinite building supplies
  • Design an algorithm for creating walls and buildings of any size
  • Code yourself a pickaxe-swinging robotic lumberjack!
  • Create a robot that digs mine shafts with stairs so you can explore safely

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