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GEMS: Buzzing A Hive

GEMS: Buzzing A Hive

GEMS: Buzzing A Hive

Full Description

Students learn about the complex social behavior, communication, and hive environment of the honeybee through activities that mix art, literature, role-play, and drama. They learn about bee body structure and metamorphosis. They role-play bees in a beehive drama, perform bee dances, and learn how bees communicate directions.

Students also learn about bee predators and honey robbers, hear a “Bee Enemies” story, and make a paper skunk. They role-play guard bees and learn how bees work together to protect the hive. Posters of bee anatomy and life stages are included. (Live bees are not a part of this unit.)

6 Activities
146 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-39-0

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