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GEMS: Color Analyzers

GEMS: Color Analyzers

GEMS: Color Analyzers

Full Description

Teasing a rainbow from a lightbulb. Decoding messages from abstract art. Unveiling the answer to why an apple looks red. This updated and enhanced New GEMS version of the classic teacher guide has students immediately and physically involved in investigating light and color while experimenting with diffraction gratings and color filters. They use color filters to decipher secret messages, then create their own. Students gain insight into questions such as: Why does an apple look red?

A background section provides the teacher with extensive information on color, light, and how the eye and brain sense and comprehend color, and on research relating to student misconceptions about light and color. The colorful front cover contains a secret message that can be used in class activities, and viewing the inside back cover enables students to understand how color filters help astronomers scan the heavens.

Grades 5-8
5 Sessions
88 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-89-7

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