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GEMS: The GEMS Leader's Handbook

GEMS: The GEMS Leader's Handbook

GEMS: The GEMS Leader's Handbook

Full Description

The GEMS Leader’s Handbook is primarily designed for educators who introduce GEMS to teachers. It includes: background on the GEMS development process; suggestions for successful workshop strategies; agendas for a variety of situations and time constraints; and information of special concern to differing audiences (including administrators, multiple subject teachers, and parents).

The revised edition of this handbook includes special features on what research has shown about the educational effectiveness of GEMS and other activity-based science and mathematics activities, as well as “1001 Ideas”Ûa fascinating compendium of specific, practical ideas gathered from GEMS Leaders around the country about how to further advance this effective method and philosophy of instruction and learning.

80 pages
ISBN: 0-912511-73-7

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