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Hexbug - Aquabot Seahorse

Hexbug - Aquabot Seahorse

Hexbug - Aquabot Seahorse

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Full Description

  • Two button cell batteries are included in product
  • Available in multiple colors

The first water-born HEXBUG micro robotic creature with smart fish technology! Comes with its own fishbowl that provides the perfect home for the HEXBUG AquaBot. Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion, this swimming fish dives up and down, changing directions to explore its environment. Equipped with an automatic on and off sensor that activates when submerged in water. The robotic fish that really swims, and comes with its own fishbowl! Water brings it to life! Part pet, part toy, the HEXBUG AquaBot provides kids with the fun experience of having a pet fish, without all the messy clean-up. The portable fishbowl allows kids to bring their pet fish with them wherever they go! HEXBUG AquaBot is available in two styles, the Shark and the Clownfish, and ten translucent colors. Styles and colors are selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. Contains: 1 HEXBUG AquaBot & 1 Fishbowl

Ages 3+

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