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Magnetic Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Magnetic Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Magnetic Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos

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Explore the invisible and amazing power of magnets with 33 engaging experiments and games. This science experiment kit contains many magnets of different shapes and sizes, and a variety of other components with which you can explore this classic scientific subject.

  • Experiment to determine which materials are magnetic and which are not.
  • Learn about magnetic poles and magnetic fields.
  • Discover how Earth behaves like one giant magnet, and how we use compasses to take advantage of this phenomenon to determine which way is north.
  • Conduct a series of experiments to learn first hand how magnets behave and interact under different conditions.
  • Make invisible magnetic fields visible using iron filings in an enclosed transparent box.
  • Build an electromagnet to learn how electricity relates to magnetism.

Contains: Full color manual, 4 ring magnets, ring magnet stand, block magnet, 3 ball magnets, 25 plastic chips, horseshoe magnet, bar magnet, compass, box of iron powder, iron rod, wire, and polystyrene disk.

Ages 8+

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