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PASS: Strange Planets

PASS: Strange Planets

PASS: Strange Planets

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Full Description

Strange Planets is a program designed for public audiences and for students in grades 4 and above about finding extrasolar planets. The show aims for the audience to understand the difficulties of finding extrasolar planets that are very far away and very dim compared to the stars they orbit, and to understand how those difficulties are overcome by modern astronomy techniques: the spectroscopic and the transit methods. We focus especially on the transit method and the Kepler Mission. The parts of the Strange Planets show are:

  1. Stars With Planets
  2. Planet Finding: Spectroscopic Method
  3. Transiting Planets
  4. Habitable Zones and Kepler's Laws
  5. Finding An Earthlike Planet; Interpreting Light Curves
  6. NASA Kepler Mission

Associated classroom activities may be found on the NASA Kepler website:


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