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Perplexus Twist Maze Game

Perplexus Twist Maze Game

Perplexus Twist Maze Game

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Full Description

The Perplexus Family has a fascinating new “Twist”! This time around you will find traps, cliffhangers and dead ends. You can only move on by twisting and realigning the tracks within the shell. A great new dimension for the Perplexus Family of toys.

PERPLEXUS assists in child development allowing children to exercise their motor and dexterity skills, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination. Its small size makes it easily portable. No batteries required.

How to play:

Grab the handles and TWIST to get a feel for the new power we’ve given you! You alone control the alignment of the tracks.

Roll the ball to a starting point. As you follow the track you will soon be stuck on the edge of a cliff. Carefully twist the handles to create the path.

Watch for many great new obstacles as you make your way to “The Perch”.

Measures 7.5" in diameter

Ages 6+

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