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Thermochromic Glux Putty

Thermochromic Glux Putty

Thermochromic Glux Putty

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Full Description

Glux is powerful super putty that stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper! It can even shatter like ceramic!

This Thermochromic edition of Glux deceptively appears to consist entirely of a solid orange color; that is, until you touch or rub it.

The human body gives off a lot of heat, and when you touch this Glux, it reacts to your body's heat by changing from orange to yellow. You can create two-color designs, draw pictures on your Glux, or just turn the whole thing yellow, all with one hand!

Thermochromic Glux is sure to please kids and amaze your friends with its awesome color shifting abilities!

Recommended for ages 7+

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