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Wind Up Ping Ling

Wind Up Ping Ling

Wind Up Ping Ling

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“Ping-Ling, Pang-Lang” is a term known in Hong Kong to describe life in a state of chaos and general confusion. Ping-Ling is an off spring of Sparklz and Awika and charged genetically by those two oddities of the mechanical world, so there is no way it could behave otherwise but in a state of mechanical confusion. Wind up Ping-Ling all the way without forcing the spring, and set it forth to its own discombobulation. As usual, we do not recommend allowing Ping-Ling to drop off from the edge of tables. Please be gentle with it as life is sufficiently confusing for Ping-Ling just as it is, under normal circumstances.

Made of stainless steel and plastic.

L 2.36" x W 2.13" x H 4.33"

Ages 6+

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