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Family Math for Young Children

Family Math for Young Children

Family Math for Young Children

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It is never too early to begin nurturing a child’s discovery of mathematics.ÜFAMILY MATH For Young Children guides parents with insights and ways to encourage their children’s delight in math. The theme is comparing, and the games, activities, and explorations integrate counting, sorting, classifying, logic, arithmetic, and other important mathematical skills.

In the FAMILY MATH tradition, children and adult family members enjoy mathematics together and share their thinking about math problems. Both children and adults contribute to the process as they learn from each other.

FAMILY MATH for Young Children helps both parents and children develop positive attitudes towards mathematics. It also includes models and information for sharing the program with other families, how to set up a FAMILY MATH for Young Children class, how parents can be more involved at school, and how to help your children at home.

Grade Pre-K- 2

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