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Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

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Full Description

Children young and old will enjoy mixing safe powders to create solutions that foam and fizz.

What makes soda pop, pop? Bread rise? These are some of the questions answered as young scientists measure, predict, and investigate using safe chemicals and common household materials.

Children learn fun chemistry ideas while developing important skills for later science learning.

This exciting new science kit is based on the nationally acclaimed Great Explorations in Math & Science (GEMS) program pioneered at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.


  • citric acid, baking soda, cooking oil, baking yeast,
  • tub tints, magnifier, measuring spoon, stir sticks,
  • plastic cups, plastic straw, plastic bags, science guide

Age 4+

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