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Science Wiz Electricity Kit

Science Wiz Electricity Kit

Science Wiz Electricity Kit

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Full Description

“A CLASSIC,” says Scientific American of Penny Norman’s ScienceWiz: Electricity kit. Children’s projects which have been used in classrooms for years are neatly packed into this single science kit.

Awards include:

  • Scientific American’s Young Reader's Book Award
  • Good Morning American's Top Ten Children’s Toys
  • National Parenting Magazine Award
  • The Parent’s Choice Seal of Approval
  • Creative Child Magazine Award
  • Original design funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation

Favorite projects include:

  • Build circuit loops
  • Light up bulbs
  • Spin motors and pinwheels
  • Test which materials best conduct electricity

In fact, Norman improves these hands-on projects by including a book detailing the how’s and why’s of each experiment.

This book is an excellent resource. Not only does it firmly establish a basic knowledge of electricity by clearly defining terms such as “current” and “parallel circuit,” but also prods children toward new ideas and concepts: What is a “load”? Why is it necessary? Expose your child to the science behind their daily lives.

Note: All materials included except for one D-cell battery.

Recommended for age 5 to 10

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