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GEMS: Only One Ocean

GEMS: Only One Ocean

GEMS: Only One Ocean

Full Description

As its title suggests, this GEMS guide is designed to help students understand the tremendous environmental importance of the ocean. The unit begins with a revealing hands-on activity, “Apples and Oceans,” that focuses on the vast proportion of the Earth that is ocean and the much smaller slices where ocean resources are concentrated. Students dissect real squids, gaining insight into the adaptations of squids to their open-ocean habitat. Students then launch an intensive investigation of species-threatening issues related to key ocean fisheries and the increasing scarcity of ocean resources.

This GEMS guide adapts activities developed by the Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE) program of the Lawrence Hall of Science. It connects swimmingly with the marine-oriented GEMS guides Ocean Currents and On Sandy Shores.

Grades 5Û8
3 Activities, 11 Classroom sessions
190 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-22-6

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