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Classic Chemistry

Classic Chemistry

Classic Chemistry

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This kit presents chemistry every kid should know through fun, engaging, and impressive experiments and activities. Learn about atoms, elements, and the periodic table by building simple models. Experiment with compounds, mixtures, solutions, and suspensions. Discover ionic and covalent bonding. Perform chemical reactions involving acids and bases, indicators, salts, and electrochemistry. Explore examples of important metals, metalloids, and nonmetals, and then conduct chemistry experiments with them. Investigate topics in organic chemistry such as alcohols, proteins, and plastics. Make plastic out of milk, a stink bomb, a smoke bomb, and colorful slime. Learn about where and how chemistry is used in the real world and read a brief history of the science. Parents and grandparents will appreciate this nostalgic kit, updated for todayƌs kids. With more than 30 hands-on experiments and projects, it offers a great opportunity for parent-son bonding. The full-color, 32-page manual guides your experiments.

Age 8+

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