Chem C3000 Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Chem C3000 Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Chem C3000 Kit by Thames and Kosmos

CHEM C3000 is the ultimate chemistry kit.

By performing 360 fascinating and fun experiments in a complete and well-balanced curriculum, you will learn first-hand every fundamental principle of this essential science, and more.

  • Build a mini fire extinguisher and float a soap-powered boat.
  • Write with invisible ink and test colored markers on the chromatography racetrack.
  • Entertain your friends with ĂŹmagicĂ“ tricks, and then enlighten them with the scientific explanations behind the magic.
  • Make dazzling colors in flame tests and produce electricity in a test tube.

CHEM C3000 is an excellent way to prepare for high-school level, and even college level, chemistry.

Thorough safety precautions and instructions ensure safe experimentation. Professional quality equipment and an easy-to-follow Experiment Manual help you make the most of your chemistry experiments.

Ages 12+

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