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Candy Chemistry Kit by Thames and Kosmos

Candy Chemistry Kit  by Thames and Kosmos

Candy Chemistry Kit by Thames and Kosmos

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Full Description

Explore chemistry as you cook up candies and chocolates in the kitchen! Perform a number of sweet experiments and learn important physical science principles related to candy and cooking.

  • Discover why sugar crystallizes to make rock candy.
  • Learn about specific heat and the phases of matter by molding chocolates. Use a thermometer and learn about heat and temperature while boiling sugar.
  • Gain experience with measurements and conversions, volumes, and weights.
  • Investigate the chemistry of gummy bears.
  • Learn about the mysterious phenomenon of triboluminescence with wintergreen candies.

Contains: Full-color manual, forked tool, flat stirring tool, pick tool, chocolate egg mold, flower shape cuter, diamond shape cutter, dipping fork, set of baking cups, sugar spatula, st of lollipop sticks, candy thermometer, gummy candy mold, chocolate old, wrappers and labels, aluminum folder sheets.

You supply the safe ingredients from your kitchen.

Ages 10+

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