Pandemic on the Brink Expansion Set

Pandemic on the Brink Expansion Set

Pandemic on the Brink Expansion Set

Has saving humanity become routine? To aid your global struggle against four impending plagues, Pandemic: On the Brink adds a fifth player, six new roles, and eight new special events! Your improved team will need every possible advantage, especially if you also choose to face one of three optional challenges, each of which adds a fiendish twist to battling infections and curing diseases.

In the Virulent Disease challenge, one disease (unknown a the start of the game) turns especially deadly…in the Mutation challenge, a lurking fifth disease suddenly erupts in unpredictable ways…the Bio-Terrorist challenge pits one player- sowing panic with a bio-engineered disease – against the others…Can your team cooperate to halt the spread of disease in a world on the brink of disaster?

2-5 players.

Approximately 45 minute playing time.

Ages 13 and up.

Contains: 7 new and 1 revised Role cards, 8 new Special Event cards, 12 pawns, 8 Virulent Strain Epidemic cards, 12 purple disease cubes, 1 purple disease cure marker, 1 purple “cured disease” tile, 2 Mutation Event cardsm 1 Bio-terrorist location pad, 1 added Epidemic card, 1 added reference card, 4 blank cards for customizing, 6 petri dishes and labels, 1 rulebook.

Ages 10+

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