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Survive! Vol.1

Survive! Vol.1

Survive! Vol.1

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Full Description

Survive! Inside the Human Body, Volume 1 begins an epic journey through the human body with a look at the digestive system. This lively, full-color science comic explores Phoebe's insides after she accidentally swallows a microscopic ship. The only problem? Dr. Brain (the ship's eccentric inventor) and Phoebe's friend Geo are on board!

Geo and Dr. Brain must avoid danger at every turnÛlike hazardous stomach acid and feeding parasites. (Ew!) Will they escape? You've got a front-row seat as they travel through Phoebe's esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Have you ever wondered...

  • How antacids work?
  • How our bodies break down food and absorb nutrients?
  • Why we have sphincters?
  • How the stomach protects itself from its own acid?
  • How doctors cure patients who have parasites living in their digestive systems?
  • Why we have trillions of friendly microbes living inside of us?

Ages 8+

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