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Survive! Vol.2

Survive! Vol.2

Survive! Vol.2

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Full Description

The adventure continues in Survive! Inside the Human Body, Vol. 2 with an amazing journey through the circulatory system.

In this volume, our heroes Geo and Dr. Brain face hostile white blood cells, Phoebe's powerful heartbeat, and a bruise that threatens to suck them out of the bloodstream and leave them stranded forever! As you follow their fast-paced comic adventure through Phoebe's blood, heart, and lungs, you'll learn all about the human circulatory system.

Have you ever wondered...

  • How your heartbeat keeps a steady pace?
  • Why your blood forms a scab after you get a cut or scrape?
  • How your body defends itself against bacteria and other intruders?
  • How children inherit their blood types from their parents?
  • How your muscles and brain get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive?
  • How the body filters out toxins in food before they reach your bloodstream?

Ages 8+

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