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Hexbug- Hexcalator

Hexbug- Hexcalator

Hexbug- Hexcalator

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Build the Hexcalator from over 260 VEX Robotics pieces! Introducing the kinetic art masterpiece from HEXBUG - the VEX Robotics Hexcalator! This sophisticated machine was inspired by the cutting edge medical devices and uses a hand crank to power 3 hexagonal indexing wheels to transport balls uphill where they are released onto the return ramp. This construction kit challenges you to not only build smart, but does so while constructing a roller coaster style ball machine at the same time. Once built, watch as the gears turn, the axles twist and the balls roll as you turn the knob by hand or attach a motor kit to add power to this machine! HEXBUG believes in using the fun of robotic toys to teach kids important STEM principles through hands on learning.The VEX Robotics Hexcalator features two alternate builds for more robotic fun! All Hexcalator's construction pieces are compatible with educational VEX IQ pieces to create your own custom VEX robot and explore unlimited possibilities.

Ages 8+

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