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PASS: Colors from Space

PASS: Colors from Space

PASS: Colors from Space

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  • Price: $32
  • Description: Narration Script and media (still images and movies) included.

Colors From Space, designed for public audiences and for students in grades 3 and above, begins by the audience observing and pointing out stars of different colors and finding out how the color of a star is related to its temperature. They pretend to go to a planet orbiting a red star and observe how the colors of objects appear different, depending upon what color of light is shining on them. Then they use light filters to discover how filters allow astronomers to see particular details in astronomical objects, and diffraction gratings to analyze the colors and determine what stars are made of by examining emission spectra. Finally, the audience finds out ways that astronomers detect invisible colors of light that are beyond the ordinary visible rainbow colors of light. The parts of the Colors From Space show are:

  1. What Color Are Your Blue Jeans?
  2. The Magic Cloth
  3. Colors and Temperatures of Stars
  4. Filters
  5. What Stars Are Made Of ? (Diffraction Gratings)
  6. Invisible Colors; Secret Message (UV Light)

Associated classroom activities are:

  • Mixing Colors
  • Spectroscopes (simple)
  • Spectroscopes (advanced)
  • Activities can be found in the Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) guide, Color Analyzers, available from the Lawrence Hall of Science's Discovery Corner store

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