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PASS: How Big is the Universe?

PASS: How Big is the Universe?

PASS: How Big is the Universe?

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  • Price: $32
  • Description: Narration Script and media (still images and movies) included.

How Big Is The Universe? designed for public audiences and for students in grades 4 and above, deals with the fact that many distances to objects are given to us as fact, but we can't help but ask, "How do you really know how far away that thing is, especially when the distance claimed is so outrageously large?" How do we measure the distances to extremely distant things? This show starts with the audience viewing objects ranging from microscopic to cosmic scales, and trying to guess what they are looking at. They view the mind-blowing journey to the outer reaches of the universe in Powers of Ten, then learn the real methods by which the distances in the film were determined: radar ranging, parallax measurements, behavior of Cepheid variable stars, and comparing apparent brightnesses of objects that are the same absolute brightness. The parts of the How Big Is The Universe? show are:

  1. Guess What It Is...
  2. Powers of Ten
  3. Distance By Radar
  4. Distance By Parallax
  5. Light-Years
  6. Brightness of Stars
  7. Cepheid Variable Stars

Associated classroom activities are:

  • Ballooning Universe
  • Expanding Universe
  • Parallax
  • Question of Scale
  • Stretching Infinity
  • Your Galactic Address

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