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PASS: Journey to the Moon

PASS: Journey to the Moon

PASS: Journey to the Moon

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  • Price: $32
  • Description: Narration Script and media (still images and movies) included.

Journey to the Moon, designed for children ages 4Ò6, aims for the audience to experience what it is like to travel to the Moon. Children observe a cycle of moon phases and learn the names of the phases, enjoy a brief moon phase story, and then discuss how we could get there and what would we need to take with us. In preparation for a make-believe trip to the Moon, children don make-pretend space suits vests with air tanks on them. They see movies of real astronauts putting on space suits, the giant Saturn V rocket, and blast off in a pretend launch. They "experience" weightlessness, and look at Earth from space. The pretend three-day excursion to the Moon is accomplished by the children marching in line out of the planetarium and making one orbit of the planetarium before re-entering. An adult leader leads the group, while the presenter changes the "set" in the planetarium to make it into a make-pretend Moon landscape, illuminating the planetarium with UV or unusual colored lights, and scattering some fake Moon rocks (foam rocks) around the floor. When the children re-enter the planetarium-as-the-Moon, they see video of what the Moon is likeÛastronauts hopping around and collecting rocks. The children also hop around and collect the Moon rocks on the floor. Finally, they see a movie of the Lunar Rover and then lift off and return safely to Earth. The parts of the Journey to the Moon show are:

  1. Watching The Moon's Phases
  2. Moon Story
  3. How Do We Get There?
  4. Blast Off!
  5. What Is The Moon Like?
  6. On The Moon

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