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GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle

GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle
GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle
GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle
GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle
GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle
GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle

GEMS Grades 6-8 Bundle

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This immensely popular unit has been updated, but the strangely behaving substance called Oobleck still provides high engagement while students gain authentic insight into real-world scientific inquiry. This New GEMS edition is updated and expanded in line with current scientific and educational research, to align with state and national standards, and to take maximum advantage of the full inquiry opportunities in these activities. Students are totally engaged in observation, hands-on investigation, a scientific convention, and spacecraft design. Students compare what they’ve done throughout the unit to the work of NASA scientists on the Mars Rover mission.

Two new optional activities deepen the learning. The first, “Microscope Eyes,” gives students a chance to delve into how the internal structure of Oobleck might account for its properties. The second provides an extended outline and suggested strategies for using student questions about Oobleck as a launching pad into the “full investigations” recommended by the National Science Education Standards.

Microscopic Explorations

A GEMS Festival Guide
This unique GEMS guide features 10 learning stations and an eleventh Discovery Quilt summary station. The stations represent a wide spectrum of scientific investigation. This interdisciplinary richness assists students in expanding their understanding of the way microscopic and related techniques contribute to diverse fields. Student comprehension of modern science and research, and appreciation for the world around us is enhanced. The Microscopy Society of America (MSA), which sponsored this guide, has chapters across the country to serve as a source for volunteers and assist teachers in obtaining microscopes.

10 Learning Stations
168 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-00-5

Discovering Density

In a very involving and colorful activity, students attempt to layer liquids in a straw, leading them to explore the concept of density. The teacher introduces the mathematical equation for determining density. Students have fun creating secret formula sheets, while reinforcing their practical understanding of this important concept in the physical sciences. Why does a scoop of ice cream float in root beer? A number of such Puzzling Scenarios encourage students to explore real-life connections to density.

5 Sessions
80 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-61-7

Paper Towel Testing

Students experiment to rank the wet strength and absorbency of four brands of paper towels. Based on their findings and the cost of each brand, they determine which brand is the “best buy.” These activities provide a stimulating introduction to consumer science and the concept of controlled experimentation. Students can go on to devise their own experiments, tests for other consumer items, or advertisements for paper towels based on their test results.

4 Sessions
48 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-11-0

River Cutters

Students create river models using a dripper system and diatomaceous earth. They acquire geological terminology, see rivers as dynamic, ever-changing systems, and begin to comprehend geologic time. The concepts of erosion, pollution, toxic waste, and human manipulation of rivers are explored. Students gain understanding of models and experimentation and the unit can be used as the springboard for full investigations.

A collaborative effort between GEMS and Project 2061 of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), revised River Cutters to meet major benchmarks and align with the National Science Education Standards.

7 Sessions
120 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-32-3

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