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EQUALS: Get It Together

EQUALS: Get It Together

EQUALS: Get It Together

Full Description

Solving problems in groups is exciting, effective, and equitable; it helps all students succeed in math.Ü

Get It TogetherÜis a collection of over 100 mathematics problems for a groups of 3-6 people to solve together. The problems vary widely in difficulty, but all have the same format: six clue cards provide the information needed to solve a problem. Since each member of the group has a different bit of information, everyone has to work together to arrive at a solution.

Some of the mathematics topics covered are: Logic, Numbers and Operations, Geometry, Algebra, Probability, Measurement, and Functions. The book also offers advice for teachers on how to introduce, facilitate, and assess cooperative learning in their classrooms.

Written by Tim Erickson.

Grade 4-12

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