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Family Math II: Achieving Success in Mathematics

Family Math II: Achieving Success in Mathematics

Family Math II: Achieving Success in Mathematics

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Parents, are you looking for ways to help your child with math at home?

FAMILY MATH II: Achieving Success in Mathematics presents exciting new mathematics materials to help families learn and enjoy mathematics together. This KÒ6 book provides an interactive approach to understanding algebra, geometry, number sense, estimation, logical thinking, probability, statistics, and much more.

Important math content is presented in easy-to-follow activities, games, and investigations. Children will delight in exploring probability and statistics in Snail Races and the Zoo Game. In Grandpa's Coins, children will make discoveries by using algebraic thinking and number sense. Families will create Paths and Ponds and build a Stairway to Seven. Don't forget the sidewalk chalk for Sidewalk Math games and adventures. Families will find the investigations in this book challenging and engaging.

FAMILY MATH II is organized by math topics and grade levels. Parents will also discover many practical ways to help their children at home and at school. FAMILY MATH II is an excellent supplement for teachers looking for innovative ways to reach all students. Complete plans on how to set up a FAMILY MATH class series are included. 200 pages.

Grades KÒ6

Written by Grace D?vila Coates and Virginia Thompson.

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