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GEMS: Oobleck: What Do Scientists Do?

GEMS: Oobleck: What Do Scientists Do?

GEMS: Oobleck: What Do Scientists Do?

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This immensely popular unit has been updated, but the strangely behaving substance called Oobleck still provides high engagement while students gain authentic insight into real-world scientific inquiry. This New GEMS? edition is updated and expanded in line with current scientific and educational research, to align with state and national standards, and to take maximum advantage of the full inquiry opportunities in these activities. Students are totally engaged in observation, hands-on investigation, a scientific convention, and spacecraft design. Students compare what they’ve done throughout the unit to the work of NASA scientists on the Mars Rover mission.

Two new optional activities deepen the learning. The first, “Microscope Eyes,” gives students a chance to delve into how the internal structure of Oobleck might account for its properties. The second provides an extended outline and suggested strategies for using student questions about Oobleck as a launching pad into the “full investigations” recommended by the National Science Education Standards.

Grade 4-8

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