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GEMS: Penguins and Their Young

GEMS: Penguins and Their Young

GEMS: Penguins and Their Young

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Children learn about the emperor penguin, its body structure, its cold home of ice and water, how it keeps warm, what it eats, and how parents care for their young. A life-size poster, included with the guide, invites students to compare their heights and body structures to those of this four-foot tall bird. They experience a penguin’s icy home by playing with cork penguins in a tub of “icebergs” and water.

Using paper-bag penguins, children create dramas on a paper-ocean scene. Important math concepts and skills are developed as children pretend to be hungry penguins and “catch” fish crackers in multi-sensory math games. They top off their explorations with ice investigations and tasty ice treats. Throughout the unit, life science, mathematics, and physical science are integrated with language activities.

4 Activities
80 pages
ISBN: 0-924886-50-1

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