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PASS: Our Very Own Star

PASS: Our Very Own Star
  • Price: $32
  • Description: Narration Script and media (still images and movies) included.

This is the first PASS program to have an extensive audio narration version of the script. We strongly encourage live presentation of the entire program with audience activities. But some planetariums, accustomed to pre-recorded programs or hybrid shows (part pre-recorded and part live) will appreciate the option to create a custom program from some or all of the parts. The program starts with beautiful views of the optical effects of sunlight in Earth's atmosphere (rainbows, halos, sun dogs), simply as an artful, visually pleasing way to "get in the mood" for a show about the Sun. "The Sun as a Timekeeper" section focuses on views of the Sun without instruments and how the apparent paths of movement of the Sun change during the day and from season to season. "Different Views of the Sun" jumps from sketches of the Sun by Galileo to views from NASA missions: New Horizons, Voyager, TRACE, SOHO, STEREO, and the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The audience sees sunspots and learns that the numbers of sunspots can vary in cyclical patterns and that movie sequences of sunspots can be used to measure the Sun's rotation rate. Models of Earth and Sun with magnets embedded to create magnetic fields show the audience the difference between the magnetic field of Earth (a dipole) and that of the Sun (magnets arranged in sunspot pairs with associated magnetic loops). The parts of the Our Very Own Star show are:

  1. The Sun As A Timekeeper
  2. Views of the Sun
  3. Sunspots; Differential Rotation
  4. A Magnetic Earth Around a Magnetic Sun

Associated classroom activities are may be found at under "Learning Resources"

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