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Agricola Board Game

Agricola Board Game

The 17th Century: not an easy period for a farmer!

Players start the game with two family members living in a two-room wooden hut. In each round, each member of their family may choose one action. If they collect wood and reed, that can extend their hut and then add to their family. Family growth allows additional actions, but has the disadvantage that more food must be produced. And to get food, the players plow fields and plant seeds. The planted gran and vegetables are harvested during the Harvest, when animals breed as well. To raise animals, pastures must be fenced to allow sheep, wild boar and cattle to graze. Occupations of Improvements can ensure a family’s upkeep; Each of these cards allows the player a small advantage in the game. Victory Points are earned when players renovate their wooden hut to a clay hut and later even a stone house. But everything else to do with balancing food requirements or making everyday life a little more comfortable can earn Victory Points Ò especially Family growth.

Each game uses a different group of the 166 different Occupation cards and 146 different Improvements, ensuring that no two games are exactly alike. Additional rules for Solo game and a shortened family game ensure appropriate challenges for each gaming table.

For 1-5 players. Recommended for ages 13 and older.

Duration: 30 minutes per player.

Contains: 9 double sided game boards, 138 Goods tokem, 36 food tokems, 54 animal cubes, 25 person tokens, 75 fences, 20 stables, 24 hut tiles, 33 stone house/field tiles, 3 guest/claim markers, 9 multiplication tokens, 1 scoring pad, 1 game rules, 1 starting player marker, 2 deck cards, 169 occupation cards, 1490 improvement cards, 14 round cards, 16 actions cards, 5 begging cards, 5 summary cards.

Ages 12+

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