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PASS: Who Discovered America?

PASS: Who Discovered America?
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When asked, "Who discovered America?" many people answer, "Columbus, of course!" Others say "the Indians" were here first. Who is right? Are there other groups that might also claim to be "discoverers" of the Americas? The answer depends partly on the meaning of the word "discover." This program takes audiences on a fascinating journey into the past to find answers to such questions as:

  • What did Columbus actually do, and why did he think he had found the Indies?
  • How did Europeans of 1492 use compasses and quadrants to navigate, and how could they determine their latitude and longitude by observing the sky?
  • Which groups of people came to the Americas long ago?
  • What does it mean to "discover" something?

In the program, audiences will learn celestial navigation techniques, such as using kamals (used by Arabic and North African sailors) and quadrants to measure the altitude angle of the North Star to determine latitude. They will also learn how compasses and celestial eventsÛsuch as a lunar eclipseÛcan be used to determine how far east or west one has traveled on Earth. The audience may recognize prevalent misconceptions concerning Columbus, such as the idea that he proved the world is round, and the impression that he treated the natives with kindness and respect. The parts of the Who "Discovered" America? show are:

  1. Getting Sky Oriented
  2. Navigating Tools: Your Hand; The Kamal; The Compass
  3. Columbus' Navigating Tools
  4. Latitude and Longitude
  5. Summary of Discoverers of America
  6. Consequences of Discovery

Associated classroom activities are:

  • How Big Is Earth?
  • Model Lunar Eclipse
  • Questionnaire
  • What Shape Is Earth?
  • What's Your Latitude?
  • Who Was Right?

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